Mike Daisey: monologist turned philanthropist.


Mike Daisey wags his finger disapprovingly at tiny intern stipends.

At Woolly last week, staff and Daisey discussed the possibility of a DC workshop performance his newest monologue American Utopias.

Though AU will be coming to Woolly in the Spring, Mike will often do a first workshop performance. Its a chance for him to explore all of the material he’s thinking about, and as extemporaneous storyteller it’s the first time that anyone (including Mike) has heard the piece out loud. This first performance (occasionally called a “birthing”) is special occasion. Little did the Woolly interns know just how special it would be.

Mike graciously offered to make this first workshop performance of AU on October 14th a benefit for the Woolly interns(!!!). All proceeds from the evening will go to raising the (very) small stipend that interns receive. He had this to say:

“The American theater runs on the labor of unpaid interns—they are unsung and unnoticed. They’ve trained, they’re eager to make a life in the theater, and we often work them until they break down. We all have to find a better way—and I’m delighted to work with Woolly Mammoth to give back to these young artists, and I hope that one day no one working in the American theater will find themselves paid only in leftover cheese cubes from opening night party platters.”

The Woolly interns raised a collective cry of exuberance! For the last couple of days we’ve all been scuttling around the office excitedly getting everything ready. In honor of the benefit, a bloodless coup d’état was staged. THE WOOLLY BLOG NOW BELONGS TO THE INTERNS (…at least October 14th…)! Next week we’ll feature a little bit about the young professionals that help Woolly do the work it does so well. You like Woolly? You’ll love us.


What we look like to the world.


What we look like to the senior staff at Woolly.

Prepare yourself for the intern takeover.

-Jordan Beck, Connectivity Assistant

The First Performance of American Utopias: An Intern Benefit will be October 14th at 7:00pm for one night only at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company. For tickets click here, email or call the box office at 202-393-3939. All the proceeds from the evening will go to support Woolly Mammoth’s Internship Program, which helps early career artists make the transition from school to the professional theatre.


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