Chad Deity Enters…Elaborately.

Here at Woolly Mammoth things are gearing up for our season opener The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity. And what an opener it is…

Whether you’re into professional wrestling or not, CHAD DEITY has a little something for everyone: physical comedy, an underdog story, spectacle, pathos, raisin bread, etc. In addition, Connectivity has set up some drop kickin’ programming surrounding the show. Whether you fit into one of the categories below or all of them, CHAD DEITY can enter into your life in a multiplicity of elaborate ways.

For the Thinkers: Panel Discussion: Makin’ It Big as a Bad Guy

Join Sonjay DuttMarcus “King Kong” DowlingMempho Mofo, and cast member James Long’s alter ego Paredyse for a panel discussion moderated by CHAD DEITY fight choreographer, Joe Isenberg.

Google these guys. This will be a legit, fun, and interesting discussion for anyone who has ever been interested in pro wrestling, or the life of a performer. Tickets are free (!!!) and open to anyone and everyone. Grab your reservation here before it fills up.

For the gamers: POWERBOMB!: The Video Game

If you grew up in the 90s like I did, you spent a fair amount of your childhood wasting away the precious flower of your youth on flash web based browser games. In POWERBOMB! you play Mace, the protagonist of the play, who gets more point the more he makes Chad Deity look like a rockstar. This game mirrors an important premise of professional wrestling:

“You can’t kick someone’s ass without the help of the person whose ass you’re kicking.”

Mace, The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity, act 1,

Thank goodness that this game wasn’t released until last week, because if I’d gotten my grubby little hands on it when I was nine or ten I could’ve watched  a major portion of my adolescence swirl down the drain, hunched over a computer letting Chad Deity knock me over with his pectoral muscles. Check it out here, and make sure to give yourself a limit on how many times you play:

For the Fighters: Wrestling Clinics with Clarence Long from Hustle & Muscle Mat Club

On September 8th at 4pm & September 19th at 6:30pm Woolly will be holding wrestling clinics in our classroom. Here are three reasons why you should come:

A good work out: An hour long clinic teaching the basics of folk style wrestling. I took wrestling in a physical education class in 1st grade. My one memory of this class was having my face smashed into a mat by a girl twice my size. These clinics promise to be infinitely less humiliating and infinitely more fun.

A good cause at good price: at $10 this event is a steal. All the profits from the event go to Hustle & Muscle Mat Club, a non profit which helps young kids by teaching them wrestling in a constructive and safe environment. Showing up allows them to continue their great work in the DC area.

Everyone is welcome: All ages, and experience levels welcome to come learn a little bit more about wrestling.

To sign up for the clinics, click here.

For the Taggers: End to End: Name Your Inner Champion  

What’s in a name? For a wrestler, it’s what you represent to the world. In the 1980’s heyday of the World Wrestling Federation, stereotypes and caricatures reigned supreme. Today, representations of identity are more complex—or are they?


In the Woolly Lobby we’re asking audience to tag the persona of their ultimate good (or bad) guy on the “concrete” wall we have set up in our lower lobby. We already have a robot (pictured above), a “Brick Fist Betty,” a “Lady Killer,” as well as some killer graff from James Long whose Paredyse tag is sure to be the envy of everyone who picks up a pen. When you come see the show make sure to tag your name on the wall, and add a little of your ultimate champion to the mix.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to get into the ring for the run of The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity. Which ways will you engage the show? See you at the theatre!

Jordan Beck, Connectivity Assistant 

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